The Retirement Income Planning Resource Page for School District Employees

Are you a school district employee looking to maximize your benefits and improve your financial outlook? As the provider of multiple districts’ 457 and 403(b) plans, we at Russ Ross Financial can help you do just that and get on the road to achieving your retirement planning goals.

Who We Are
How We Can Help
Our Process
Educational Courses

Who We Are


For more than a decade, Russ Ross Financial has stood as a pillar of the Arlington community, helping individuals, families and business owners prepare for the retirement they deserve. More importantly, we were founded with a special focus on providing local educators, administrators, and school district employees with the knowledge and support they need to understand their unique benefits available and leverage those to more successfully plan for their financial futures.

We’re committed to putting our clients’ best interests first and using a partnership-based approach to service, rather than a transactional one, to build lasting relationships with those we serve. To read more about our team or why our president, Russ Ross, was inspired to open the firm, view our About page.

How We Can Help


Our Process
To ensure you have all of the resources you need to make smart financial decisions that make sense for your situation, Russ Ross Financial offers a variety of events and educational training courses that you can attend free of charge. We also offer complimentary consultations at our office as the first step in getting to understand your unique needs and how we can assist you most successfully. In summary, we:

  • Serve as the provider for the school district’s 457 and 403(b) plans
  • Hold compliance meetings monthly to review the current 457 plan (note: employees are required to attend one of these meetings annually)
  • Provide periodic updates on current financial events that may affect your retirement
  • Teach seminars on financial awareness and retirement income planning
  • Are available to offer financial guidance and consultation to school district employees as needed
  • Offer various Services and Programs to help our clients achieve their income goals

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Educational Courses
Our commitment to education has long been one that differentiates us most from other service providers. Russ Ross Financial makes sure that each of the three financial education courses we offer school district employees is information-packed, worthwhile and enjoyable to attend.

Financial Awareness 101
This course is offered throughout the year and covers the fundamentals of finance. Designed to empower attendees to make more informed decisions, we’ll provide tips and strategies for improving your financial well-being. Topics include:

  • Reasons to start planning for retirement now and the cost of waiting
  • Advantages and disadvantages of various types of IRAs
  • Why TRS was not designed to provide all income in retirement

To view class dates and register for this voluntary meeting, visit our Events page.

Advanced Retirement Planning
This course is provided throughout the year to help educate attendees on accumulating and preserving wealth for retirement. This seminar will expand on:

  • Ways to supplement your retirement income and meet your long-term goals
  • Pension and Social Security Income maximization
  • How inflation, taxes, market downturns and other risks can impact your retirement

To view class dates and register for this meeting, visit our Events page.