Discover the Benefits of Student Loan Forgiveness

According to the September 2013 Department of Treasury report, the balance of federal student loan debt owed to the government increased 463% from 2009. Moreover, the average amount borrowed has dramatically increased from $19,000 in 2009 to over $33,000 in 2013. If student loan debt is holding you back, we may have a solution for minimizing your debt and maximizing your savings.

Loan Forgiveness Programs

There are two loan forgiveness programs available.

  • Title I Forgiveness: ONLY for teachers in Title I (low income) schools. Requires five years in a row and forgives $5,000 for all teachers and $17,500 for math, science and special education teachers.
  • Public Service Forgiveness: Available to ALL government, non-profit and private non-profit full-time employees. There are billions of dollars set aside for Public Service Forgiveness that are not being claimed.

How Public Service Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Works

Available through the College Cost Reduction and Access Act passed in 2007, the Public Service Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Program can provide qualified employees with a way to take control of their existing student loan debt once and for all.

  • There is no debt minimum required.
  • Once enrolled, eligible participants will be given a new payment amount reduced by up to 80% to a specific qualifying amount, regardless of the size of the debt.
  • The repayment schedule is based on taxable income and number of dependents.
  • Participants must make 120 Qualified Payments on time, for the exact amount required and work 120 months in a full-time, eligible position.
  • Forgiveness is awarded at the end of 120 months.

Meanwhile, Russ Ross Financial can provide guidance on how to put that savings to work for you to fund a more comfortable retirement. This legitimate program has already helped dozens of educators and public service employees throughout the State of Texas, including:






San Antonio Christian Schools






John Jay High School






Lighthouse Charter School






South San Antonio Christian ISD






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