Seminar Events

Educator Retirement Presentations

The rules and relationship between TRS and Social Security can be some of the most confusing and frustrating issues among school employees today. With help from the experts professionals at Russ Ross Financial, you can:

  • Choose how and when to take Social Security to maximize your benefit (and your spouse’s!)
  • Incorporate TRS strategies that can enhance your Social Security benefits
  • Identify how recent changes to Social Security rules, like the elimination of file and suspend, could derail plans you’ve already made
  • Make sense of the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO), and how one or both might impact you
  • Detail how your Social Security, TRS and other retirement accounts can work together to provide an income stream that meets your retirement needs

Our team has been helping educators like you capitalize on the unique combination of benefits available for enjoying a comfortable retirement since 2001. Select the date and location from the registration form and let us help you prepare for your future!

Check back for upcoming presentation dates to be added soon!